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Vokabel Rally Inan Evin.
One of the sources for earning points is playing Vokabel Rally. In Vokabel Rally, players aim is to collect as many correct words as possible while driving on the road and avoiding the incorrect words depending on the word category selected.
Vokabel: Charaktereingenschaften Flashcards by John Nguyen Brainscape.
B1.1 Vokabel 4: Kundenservice. B1.1 Vokabel 3: Wohnen. B1.1 Vokabel 2: Beruf Arbeit. Vokab: B1 Part A. Vokabel: Einkaufen Produkte. Vokabel: Wichtige Wörter 9. Vokabel: Wichtige Wörter 10. Vokabel: Wichtige Wörter 14. Vokabel: Wichtige Wörter 11. Verbs: Infinitiv Präteritum Perfekt.
Umwelt Vokabeln im Englischen mit Beispielsätzen.
A renewable energy system converts the energy found in sunlight, wind, falling water, waves, geothermal heat, or biomass. Wind and water are the main agents of soil erosion. They started a campaign to slow down the process of global warming.
Vokabel translate German to English: Cambridge Dictionary.
preferredDictionaries selected name /selected /preferredDictionaries. Translation of Vokabel GermanEnglish dictionary. feminine / vokabl /. item of vocabulary. Sie fragt ihren Sohn die Vokabeln ab. She is testing her son on the vocabulary. Translation of Vokabel from the GLOBAL GermanEnglish Dictionary 2018 K Dictionaries Ltd.
Vokabel Translation from German into Spanish PONS.
German Spanish V vok Vokabel. Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Translations for Vokabel in the German Spanish Dictionary Go to Spanish German. Vokabel, n vokabl: N f.
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Vokabel English translation in English Langenscheidt dictionary German-English.
Example sentences from external sources for Vokabel" not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team. I fear that term does not cover the same situation in France and Germany. Ich fürchte, daß diese Vokabel in Frankreich nicht dasselbe bedeutet wie in Deutschland.
PEK's' Productions Vokabel.
Vokabel for Windows 10 Quiz. Vokabel for Windows 10 Flash card. Vokabel for Windows 10 Game. Vokabel for Windows 10 Game. Vokabel for Windows 10 Result. Vokabel for Android Editor. Vokabel for Android Anagram. Vokabel for Android Capture the word.
Vokabel: Dictionary / Wörterbuch BEOLINGUS, TU Chemnitz.
1 result for Vokabel. Word division: Vokabel. Conversion of units. Vokabel n ling. word; vocable Vokabel n pl words; vocables; vocabulary Vokabel n lernen. to learn vocabulary. Search further for Vokabel.: Example sentences Synonyms Proverbs, aphorisms, quotations Wikipedia Google: Web search.

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